This year, Feeling Good Week takes place from the 9 to 13 October 2023. This year’s theme is ‘I can… We can…’.

Feeling Good Week is an event to help prioritise looking after our own and other people’s health. This includes physical health, that’s the health of your body, and emotional health, that’s the health of your mind. When you take steps to prioritise your heath, it means you can keep your body and mind sharp and make the most out of your education.







A good place to start for feeling good week is to think about feelings. Everyone has a whole range of emotions that they feel all the time: happy, sad, worried, anxious, excited, calm… the list goes on.

Going through big changes (like starting secondary school) can be difficult and challenging for lots of people and might cause some of these big feelings. Those big feelings can sometimes be so overwhelming that they stop us from being able to feel joy too. Moving to a new school comes with lots of exciting changes including new friends, new teachers, new surroundings, new subjects and clubs, and more independence.

When going through difficult times, it can be a healthy reaction to feel negative emotions when facing challenges. Anxiety can be common when starting secondary school or any major change in our life. Sometimes even when we are looking forward to doing something we still might be nervous about it. This is okay and normal, but it is still good to start thinking about what things work for you individually to help manage these feelings if and when you do have them, sometimes little worries can lead to bigger worries, so it is important to recognise the signs early and do something about it.

Looking after our mind and body can help us to cope with all these new changes coming our way. Keeping healthy can improve our energy levels and help you to stay positive and learn useful strategies to manage your worries.

There are lots of things we can do to make sure we’re looking after our physical and emotional health so that we can be our best. Sometimes we need to start by making sure we’re getting the basics right, visit our pages on activity, sleep and diet to find out more.






A good place to start if you’re feeling worried and not sure what to do about it is talk to someone you trust: this could be your teacher, the people at home, your friends or school nurse. if you want to speak to a school nurse visit the chat health page to contact us.

Another helpful tool is learning how to relax. Have a go at some deep breathing shown in the pictures and video below.

If you feel bad, sad, upset or just not so good… or if something happens that worries you, you can also look for advice at ChildLine or Thinkuknow.