Anti-Bullying Week: Reach Out, from14 to 18 November 2022

The theme this year’s for Anti-Bullying Week is ‘Reach Out’ and is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Reach Out was chosen by teachers and students who said they wanted a theme that empowered them to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes. The week started with Odd Sock Day which aims to celebrate what makes us all unique. The school nurses joined in and wore their odd socks on Monday, why not take a look at the pictures on our Odd Sock Day Blog.

Bullying is never ok, whether it takes place at home, school or work, or is physical, verbal or online.

Bullying can have a lasting effect on a person’s self-esteem, confidence and emotional health.

Why not take our quiz and see how many types of bullying you can get right.

Please remember if you, or anyone that you know is affected by bullying please tell someone. Speak to a trusted adult, or message the school nurses via Chat Health




So what can you do?

  • Celebrate Anti-Bullying Week by wearing Odd socks on 16 November and spread the word of this important week
  • Talk to someone. Whether you are experiencing bullying or have witnessed bullying; talk to someone. You could speak to a trusted adult at home or at school or you could text a school nurse for support via Chathealth. These people can listen to you and help you.
  • Visit Anti-Bullying Week to see what other young people are doing 
  • Check out our Friendships page to find out more about healthy friendships
  • Take a look at our Online safety page to ensure you are keeping yourself safe online


We all have a part to play this Anti-Bullying Week. What will yours be?