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Online Safety.

It can be great fun talking to your friends or playing games online, but you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself safe. 

Did you know? – You MUST be 13 years or older to use each of the social media sites or apps mentioned on this page. 

Our top tips for keeping safe online

1. Passwords

Don’t make your password easy to guess – you don’t want someone else
accessing your account and pretending to be you. Change your password
regularly and never tell a friend what it is.

2. Be Share Aware

Keep your personal and private information to yourself. Never share your
personal details such as your address or your school with anyone online.

3. Check your privacy settings

Many of the above apps or online sites have privacy settings which you can
change. Make sure your account is set to private, so only your friends can
see your posts and send you messages – ask an adult to help you if you are
not sure what to do.

4. Stranger Danger

You wouldn’t talk to a stranger on the street, so why talk to them online!
Only accept or talk to people who are your friends.

5. Talk and Report

If you see something that has upset you or scared you or you think it is
inappropriate tell an adult and report it online.

Written by: Emma Godsmark

Specialist School Nurse Guildford