Growing Up.

    This section includes lots of information on all aspects of growing up. There is a section on puberty and the physical changes that you will go through as well information about the emotional changes that you may experience. There is also information on the responsibilities of getting older.

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    Mental Health Awareness Week

    Mental Health Awareness Week is a yearly event encouraging the whole of the UK to focus on good mental health. This year it is running from 10 to16 May. It is open to everyone regardless of background and is all about starting conversations around mental health and...

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    Sun Safety week 2021

    Each year the British Association of Dermatologist (BAD) run a national campaign around Skin Cancer and sun safety called Sun Awareness and this year the SSH team wanted to share this with you! As the weather is starting to get better and the lifting of lockdown means...

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    World Sleep Day 2021

      On the 19 March 2021 the World Sleep Society celebrates the 14th annual world sleep day. This year’s slogan is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy future’.   This year is all about focussing on the benefits that regular sleep has on us, with studies showing that...

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