Wednesday 13 March is Young Carers Action Day.

This annual national event seeks to increase awareness of the value of young caregivers around the nation. This year’s theme is Fair Futures for Young Carers, aiming to reduce the barrier to learning, earning or being able to move forward in life – a problem many young carers may face.

But what is a young carer?

Young carers are more common than you think, with over 14,000 in Surrey alone-  that’s two in every classroom! A young carer is a person under the age of 18 who helps to care for someone who is unwell, disabled, suffering from alcohol or substance misuse, or suffering from poor mental health.

Examples of this may include:

  • Caring for a disabled sibling
  • Physical care such as helping a parent out of bed
  • Practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Supporting family members with their medical needs.
  • Emotional support- such as talking to someone who is distressed.
  • Managing or helping to manage family finances

and many more.

If this is the case for you or someone who you know, then Action for Carers can help. Some young people may help out a little each week whilst others do lots more and can be in very challenging situations. Regardless of how much you do, Surrey Action for  Carers can help.

How can Action for Carers help?

While the level of support offered is needs-led and varies depending on your personal situation, all registered young carers will receive:

  • Regular newsletters
  • An invitation to an annual family fun day
  • Access to local youth clubs where you can meet other young carers, relax and have fun
  • The opportunity to join the Young Carers Forum to share and create positive changes for young carers
  • Support during periods of transition e.g. starting a new school
  • Access to support from friendly and helpful team members
  • Action for Carers can also be your voice at meetings relating to the caring role where it might be hard to express how you feel.


How to get support if you are a young carer?

If you or someone you know is a young carer, a referral can be made by a parent, teacher, adult family member or someone else who works closely with the family (e.g GP, or social worker). Alternatively, you can contact your school nursing team via Chat Health

The referral form can be found here: Young carers referral form.

Written by Sophie Dewey School Nurse