Because we are all different we will all experience the move to secondary school in a different way. Some of us will be excited and some of us will be nervous and maybe even scared. After all the unknown is scary.  I remember the first day I started secondary school, I was nervous and while waiting for the bus two Year 10’s started talking to me, I must have looked nervous as they said ‘it’s not that bad we will walk in with you’. I have never forgotten that. Secondary school can feel much bigger than your old primary school and you are the youngest in the school again! It may be the first time that you are travelling to school on your own. You may be going to a different school than all your friends and that can be hard. Change can be hard, but if nothing ever changed you’d still be using dial-up internet ☺ Watch this video to see how people feel about change;

Top Tips.

However you are feeling about starting Year 7 these tips will make it as stress free as possible:


Get all your equipment ready, including your PE kit


Make sure that you have the right uniform, start as you mean to go on!

Bus Timetable

Plan your journey to school. Make sure that you know the timetables for the buses
and trains and leave plenty of time to make sure that you are not late
Click here to view bus timetables.

Meet New People

Meet new people – everyone will feeling the same as you but it will feel better when
you have friends by your side. Smile and say hello, it’s a great conversational starter


Stay in touch with your old friends – it’s important to keep those friendships alive and
you can share your Year 7 experiences even if you are in different schools

Try Something New!

Try something new – it’s scary but secondary school is the best place to start trying
out new things and discovering those hidden talents

Chat Health

It’s ok to ask for help – everyone needs help at some point and asking for help is a sign
of strength and not weakness. If you need help or have a question you can ask your
teachers, parents, the people you live with or come and see your school nurse.
You can contact your school nurse through CHAT HEALTH.

Student Feedback.


New School, New You

 “When I started Secondary School, I was really nervous about meeting new people because I didn’t want to make the wrong impression. I thought that if I acted like myself, everyone would laugh. But they didn’t. Everyone was just as nervous as me I made a friend within the first day and everything was great!”

Year 7 Student

“When you join it may be scary but it gets easier” 

Year 7 Student

“Set realistic goals that are achievable by the end of the term” 

Year 9 student

 “Don’t worry, it will be fun. You will make new friends”

Year 7 Student

“I felt quite judged and alone in my first few days, however after a while I figured not everyone is as bad as they seem.”

Year 7 Student

“I think that Year 7 isn’t all about the grades, its about getting used to the new class rooms and teachers and you should always be proud of your work. And you should never be afraid to make new friends” 

Year 9 student