How are you? No really, how are you? Because life has been a bit strange over the last few months. Life as we knew it changed very quickly. What did you miss the most? I missed long walks at the beach.

Sandy beach with tide coming in2020 has brought us more than just a global pandemic, including extreme weather from floods to heat waves, bush fires in Australia, we left the European Union, satellite launches, not to mention some of our favourite TV shows being cancelled!

Although we have all been on the same crazy ride, we will all have had very different experiences of lockdown. For some it might have been great doing home schooling, it might have been great spending more time with your family. You may have achieved your lockdown goals (well done if you did).

For other people, lockdown might not have been so positive. You may have felt lonely and isolated not being able to see friends, you may have missed going to school, relationships with the people you live with might not be great, you may have experienced bereavement.

Dog sat on garden chair I know for me it gave me mixed feelings, I really missed seeing family and friends but also enjoyed being at home more and spending more time with my dog.

Similarly, everyone will be feeling different about trying to get life back to normal. Some may feel excited and looking forward to going back to school. Some might not mind wearing a mask when you go to the shops and on public transport.

Other people may feel frightened about being around lots of people, won’t feel comfortable wearing a mask and may worry about leaving home.

However you are feeling, please know IT’S OK. There is no right or wrong way to feel, we are all different and we are all learning how to live with our ‘new normal’. The most important thing is we respect how other people feel and do what we are comfortable with, without judging others.


If you are worried and want to speak to someone you can contact the school nurses through Chat Health.

Check out the emotional health section for lots of information about your emotional health.

Whatever the new term looks like, from everyone at Safe Space Health we wish you a very happy and successful return to school.