Anti-bullying week: United Against Bullying

The theme this year for Anti-Bullying Week is United Against Bullying.


Odd socks Day

Today, Monday 16 November 2020, is Odd socks day – a day where it is completely acceptable to wear odd socks ALL DAY! But why?

For one reason; to show that each and every one of us is unique, just like our odd socks. We are all different in the way we look, act and the way we feel sometimes and that is completely ok.

Here is a picture of some of your school nurses in their odd socks last year.

Image of two school nurses odd socks from last years odd socks day

Why don’t you give it a go this year and show your support for Anti-Bullying week and odd socks day and wear your own?


United Against Bullying

But there is more behind Anti-Bullying Week than just wearing a pair of odd socks for one day.

This year, more than ever, we have all needed to come together and support one another and it is this support that has helped many people throughout lockdown. It may have been neighbours collecting shopping for one another or giving your friend a call and making them laugh. We have all come together to help one another and Anti-Bullying Week is no different. It is a day where can all come together to say no to bullying. That is everyone; from teachers to parents, politicians to young people just like you, we can all stand together and be United Against Bullying.


Why does this matter?

Bullying affects people physically and mentally and can continue to do so throughout their life. The Annual Bullying Survey 2019 asked over 7,000 young people aged 12-20years about their experience of bullying in the last year.

22% said they had been a victim of bullying

27% of people said they had witnessed bullying take place

24% of young people said that they were worried about getting abuse online.


So what can YOU do?

  • Celebrate Anti-Bullying Week by wearing Odd socks on 16 November and spread the word of this important week
  • Talk to someone. Whether you are experiencing bullying or have witnessed bullying; talk to someone. You could speak to a trusted adult at home or at school or you could text a school nurse for support via Chathealth. These people can listen to you and help you.
  • Visit Anti-Bullying Week to see what other young people are doing across the UK to support Anti-Bullying week
  • Check out our Friendships page to find out more about healthy friendships
  • Take a look at our Online safety page to ensure you are keeping yourself safe online


We all have a part to play this Anti-Bullying Week. What will yours be?


Anti-Bullying week logo poster. Purple and blue changing colour background with words 'united against bullying' fixed together as puzzle pieces