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The school nurses in Surrey Health have been in three secondary schools throughout November running the ‘Movember’ public health campaign. It is widely acknowledged that males are not so happy to discuss their health and are less likely to seek medical help promptly. ‘Movember ‘aims to target three aspects of men’s health, Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and men’s Mental Health.

We have been getting the boys in our schools involved in learning how to complete a self-examination of their testicles, what is healthy and normal and what a ‘lump’ feels like. We have been giving away ‘On the Ball’ leaflets which explain how to examine your testicles.

We ran a ‘Guess How Many Balls in the Bucket’ competition. The company Oddballs which raises money for testicular cancer through selling merchandise sent us some free bobble hats which we gave away as prizes.

Our stall was very well attended by the students and some male staff and the feedback was very positive. There was lots of laughter but the seriousness of our message was received.

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