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    Body Image.

    What is body image?

    Body image is all about what we think and feel about our physical appearance and how we think other people see us.

    What is body confidence?

    Body confidence is all about you and your confidence in your own body.

    Someone is ‘body confident’ if they accept, appreciate and are positive about their body and their appearance.

    However, someone who has low body confidence is more likely to have low confidence in general. This could impact on school, friendships and home life which could stop them from reaching their full potential!

    Teenagers and body image

    During your teenage years you may notice yourself becoming more aware about how you think and feel about your body or how you think other people see you. This is completely normal and it is all part of growing up.

    Body image and social media

    Social media can have a big impact on body image and body confidence. We often look at images of celebrities online or on magazines and comment on what they look like. These images are often edited or airbrushed to change the way these people look. Have a look at this video and see the changes that are made…

    How can I help myself to become body confident?

    • Think of all your positive qualities. They could be about your physical appearance or things you’re good at.

    Banana, apple and cherry cartoon characters. Banana with speech bubble saying "We've all got sweet bodies!"‘I like my hair’
    ‘I am good at maths’
    ‘I am good at football’
    ‘I can make my friends smile’
    ‘People always tell me I have a nice smile’
    ‘I like that I am tall’
    ‘I like that I am short’
    ‘That top really suits me’

    • Tell your friends things you like about them. Recognising other people’s strengths and qualities can not only help them to feel more body confident but can also make you feel more positive too!
    • Know that nobody is perfect and everyBODY is unique and that makes you, YOU!
    • Take care of your body – eat healthy, get good sleep and exercise regularly.
    Written by: Emma Godsmark

    Specialist School Nurse Guildford