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Your teachers are great at helping you with your school work, but they can also be great listeners and help you with problems you may be facing. It is therefore really important to build up a good relationship with your teachers, gaining good trust and being able to talk to them and ask them questions.

In order to have a good relationship with your teachers you must RESPECT the following ground rules at school:


Remember your teachers are there to help you even if you don’t agree with them all the time. Respecting your teachers  is really important to help you do your best.


Having a good relationship with your teachers will help you achieve the best you can.


Secondary school can be stressful! Having a good relationship with your teachers can really help you through the difficult times.


Your teachers can help you and your friends to see things from each other’s point of view – they know you all very well!

motionally safe learning space

School can be more than a place to just learn English and Maths. It will prepare you for the adult world and how to deal with all those emotions.


You and your teachers are sharing the same goal – for you to be your best self.


Trust is important in any relationship. Teachers are humans too and they have your best interests at heart, (honest they do!).

Written by: Emma Godsmark

Specialist School Nurse Guildford

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