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    More than Friends.

    Knowing when a friend is becoming ‘more than a friend’ can be difficult. 

    You may start to spend more time with them, feel that you can talk to them about anything and that you are starting to develop more feelings for them than other friends. 

    Regardless of your (or their) gender or sexuality it is therefore important to know the qualities of a healthy relationship as well as the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship. 


     Qualities of a healthy relationship

    • You are good friends
    • You enjoy spending time together but also have the freedom to spend time with other friends
    • You listen to each other
    • You can trust each other
    • Have fun together
    • Feel safe when you are with them or talking to them
    • You are able to have your own opinion and are able to disagree with each other

    Characteristics of an unhealthy relationship

    • They get angry with you if you don’t agree with something
    • They don’t let you spend time with your other friends or stop you doing things you enjoy and your hobbies
    • They make you unhappy 
    • They make you feel pressured to do something or act in a certain way

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    Written by: Emma Godsmark

    Specialist School Nurse Guildford