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    Just as no two people are the same, no two families are the same. ‘Family’ means different things to different people, some people just have one parent, some have a mum and a dad and others live in families with two parents of the same gender. There might also be differences in parent’s cultural backgrounds.  We all should remember that building positive relationships with the people you live with is important, not just for our well-being but also for those people you live with.

    As you are growing up you will develop your own opinions, likes and dislikes and these may differ from the people around you. Changes in your body during puberty can lead to quick changes in your mood sometimes making people easily annoyed or angry, sometimes causing arguments or fallings out – this is normal. For more information on puberty visit our growing up page

    It’s frustrating when the people you live with won’t let you stay up all night gaming and chatting to your friends!

    Part of growing up is listening and respecting other people’s views and ideas. This doesn’t mean you always have to agree with them, and this is the same for the people you live with:

    REMEMBER the adults that look after you have to keep you safe so sometimes that’s why they say NO.

    To build a good relationship with the people who look after you always remember to:

    • Be respectful – even if you do not agree with them, listen to what they have to say, be polite and share your opinion, you will not always agree but listening to one another is important in your relationship.
    • Keep calm – don’t overreact when you don’t agree with something they say. You may end up saying something you regret.
    • Be open and honest – talk to them. Tell them how you are feeling or if something is worrying or upsetting you. They will listen to you and can help you. If you don’t tell them, they can’t help you!

    Do your bit!

    When you are sharing a house with anyone it’s important that you think about the other people in the house and always clean up after yourself. Just imagine that you are looking for a house mate to share your flat who would you want.



    Must be clean and tidy
    Willing to help with the household chores
    Always puts the toilet seat down!
    Washes up after themselves
    Replaces food that has been used (or writes on a list)




    House Mate for flat share

    Happy for dirty socks down the sofa
    No bathroom cleaning (I love plug hair!)
    Always keeps the toilet seat up
    Doesn’t need to wash up
    Happy for the fridge to be empty
    Doesn’t mind an overflowing bin
    Loves natural smells!!!


    I know who I would pick! Just because you live with people whose job it is to look after you doesn’t mean that you can’t help out. Maybe tidy your room, pick your washing up and take the bin out. After all it’s easier than all the nagging if you don’t do it!


    If you have siblings, having a good relationship with them can help you develop:

    • Better friendships
    • Good relationships with your family
    • Good social skills
    • Better awareness of other people’s feelings and emotions.

    Your siblings are your best teachers. As you grow older your siblings continue to teach you about various aspects of life. Older siblings can be great role models and you can be a great role model to younger siblings!

    Whatever kind of family you have everyone has the right to be safe and secure, free from harm. If you ever feel scared or are worried about anything please talk to someone. If you would like to see your school nurse please text CHAT HEALTH.

    Written by: Natasha Dawe

    School Nurse

    Written by: Emma Godsmark

    Specialist School Nurse Guildford