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Photography: Information Sheet

This information sheet summarises how CSH Surrey will use `non-clinical` photographs and videos of you. Your Privacy is important to us and CSH Surrey want to communicate in a way that keeps you informed, and in line with UK law on data protection. As a result of a change in the law, we need to advise that the lawful basis for processing your personal data (photos/video) under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is legitimate interests. This information sheet aims to inform how we will process your personal data (photos/videos) and ensure they are used in ways you would reasonably expect.

How we will use photos/videos of you and/or your child(ren)

The photos/video will be used for a variety of communications and marketing purposes, including but not limited to: posters, fliers, press releases, local newspapers, publications such as annual reports, Quality Accounts, newsletters and internal staff briefings, CSH Surrey website and social media (CSH Surrey Twitter account). The documents may be mailed to other health/health related organisations and to members of the public with a specific interest CSH Surrey, such as Health Watch Surrey, governmental organisations such as Public Health England and NHS England and professional bodies.

For queries, please contact the Communications Team:

How can I object to this type of `processing` (use of photos/videos)?

This is how we will use this information. You can object to us using the photos/videos at any time by emailing:
Should you object to any future processing (use of photos/videos), CSH Surrey will stop using your information from that point for all future publications/collateral or digital purposes. You can find out more about how we use your personal data on CSH Surrey’s Privacy Notice, which is available on our website (

Please note: All processing of your personal data will cease once you have objected to this, other than where this is required by law. This will not affect any personal data that has already been processed prior to this point. If you would like to exercise any of your rights, including the right to object to all or any of these communications, please contact:

For any additional queries regarding objections, please contact: Naomi Barnes, Information Governance and Information Security Lead, 07989 672 637. Alternatively email: