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In any relationship that you have – with friends or family you need to feel safe. Getting to know someone you like should be fun and you feel equally valued.

 Exploring what qualities you want in a friendship include:

  • Trust – you know they will not tell other people your own private thoughts
  • Honesty – you can tell the truth and sometimes can hurt 
  • Having fun together – similar interests and hobbies 
  • Empathy – you can laugh together and cry together 
  • Good communication – you can talk about anything and everything! Silence is also OK but you also listen to each other 
  • Forgiveness – we all make mistakes at times or say the wrong thing so we need to learn to forgive and move on – not harbour grudges
  • Care – look after each other when life is not going to plan or you are feeling down in the dumps

You can say NO if something does not feel right or you don’t want to do it – this is consent. Consent is not always as simple as you think – watch this clip to see how consent affects everything we do:

In any relationship you need to respect each other as well as yourself. If you are able to do all of this you will keep safe in relationships. 

Follow the quick link for further information or arrange to see your school nurse via CHAT HEALTH.

“Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”

Written by: Felicity Hill

Specialist School Nurse and Practice Teacher Leatherhead

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