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What’s a Young Carer?

If you help out with any adult at home who needs your support for their physical or mental health –you are a Young Carer. For example you might help out with a disabled brother or sister, dressing and feeding them. Or help out with a grandparent cleaning and doing the washing,  or help out with a parent who needs support to take medication. Whatever it is that you do, you are a Young Carer.

Because you have extra stuff to do at home, you may struggle to get to school on time, do your homework, be part of a school sports team, or meet up with friends. Surrey Young Carers is there to give you support and help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Take a look at this video which might help you decide if you are a Young Carer. It’s quite long, so take a break or two whilst watching it!

Or look at this website:

There is lots of support for you at school and outside of school. If you don’t tell someone that you are a Young Carer, then no one can help you. Many young people don’t tell someone and then they struggle.

Young Carers often need a day to themselves – the same as all of us:

If you would like to find out more about Surrey Young Carers then get your parent ,carer or someone at school  to call this number 01483 568269 or email: syc@actionforcarers.org.uk to get more information

Written by: Imogen Geraghty

Specialist School Nurse Molesy