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    Signs and symptoms that things aren’t great


    When you experience periods of low mood that start to affect your daily life: 

    • Feeling sad or numb  
    • Feeling like you don’t want to be here 
    • Negative thoughts 
    • Low self-esteem 
    • Losing concentration 
    • Sleeping more or less 


    Anxiety is a feeling of fear or panic 

    • Feeling frightened, nervous or panicky 
    • Sweating 
    • Difficulty sleeping and eating 
    • Racing heart 
    • Shortness of breath 
    • Trembling 
    • Excessive worrying 

    Eating Disorders

    An Unhealthy relationship with food, which can take over your life and make you physically ill 

    • Not eating in public 
    • Severe weight loss or gain in a short period of time 
    • Excusing meals 
    • Excessive exercise 
    • Unhealthy interest in food or calories 


    Self-Harm is not a mental health condition. Self-Harm is anything that someone does to cause deliberate harm or injury to themselves. It is a negative coping strategy that people use to try and cope with difficult things. Not everyone that self-harms has mental health difficulties. 

    The phrase ‘self-harm’ is used to describe a wide range of behaviors. Self-harm is often understood to be a physical response to an emotional pain of some kind, and can be very addictive. Some of the things people do are quite well known, such as cutting, burning or pinching, but there are many, many ways to hurt yourself, including abusing drugs and alcohol or having an eating disorder. 

    Written by: Georgia Kinsella

    Senior Childrens Rights and Participation Assistant