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    Healthy Weight.

    If everyone wants me to love myself as I am, why are we all so worried about weight?

    Everybody has a different body; no two people are the same. Some of us are taller, some shorter and that is ok.

    However, being outside the normal weight range can be very unhealthy, it can stop you from doing things you enjoy and it can have serious health consequences as you grow and later in life.

    Problems with being overweight

    • Conditions like Diabetes and Heart Disease can be caused by having too much fatty tissue around our arteries and organs
    • Bone and joint problems
    • Getting breathless
    • May find it hard to take part in sports
    • Poor sleep
    • Problem skin
    • For girls it may cause problem periods
    • Places pressure on your heart
    • Low self esteem

    Problems with being underweight

    • Brittle bones – because of the lack of calcium
    • Anaemia – because of the lack of iron
    • No energy
    • Hair loss
    • Dry and problem skin
    • Poor dental health
    • Immune system affected so can’t fight infections
    • For girls it can affect your periods
    • Hard to concentrate
    • Impairs your growth
    • Low self esteem

    The answer is to make sure that you are eating well, and making sure that your diet includes all the food groups (everything is ok in moderation), sleeping well, and getting enough exercise.

    Written by: Natasha Dawe

    School Nurse, Epsom

    Written by: Charlene Hayes

    School Nurse, Dorking