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The school nurses have been busy meeting lots of you while out supporting National Exercise Day. We have done loads of things from stands at lunch time to the plank and wall sit challenge in tutor time! (the winner managed a plank for 5 minutes!)

Some of you had fun with the big dice and trying to beat your friends on what you could do.

We were also able to have some great debates about why you should exercise. We discussed this quote and talked about what it was really saying.

Although a powerful quote we think most of you said the same thing in a round about way when we asked you tell us what fitness means to you. We had so many responses as you can see in this photo.

It has been great speaking to you all about the great benefits of exercise. It was so nice to learn that lots of you feel that exercise does have a good effect on your mental health. We all need to have some time out once in a while and exercise is a good way to get some head space whether it’s going for a walk, swimming, running or dancing. Make sure you give yourself some time out.


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